All packages include D&D music selection and its professional DJs

Why settle for some guy with a CD player and 2 speakers?  Hire a professional!!!

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Package 1:  This package is mostly for events such as small school gatherings.  It includes two 15" speakers, a mirror ball, and a strobe light.                    

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Package 2:  This package is for small size events held in small or midsized venues.  It includes two 18" speakers, a mirror ball, effects light, and two strobes.

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Package 3:  Package includes four 15" speakers, mirror ball, two different effect lights, and four strobes.  It is good for medium sized events that don't demand a large lighting show. 

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Package 4:  Two 15" and two 18" speakers are included in this package along with a police light, mirror ball, helicopter, image lighting, effects and strobes.  This package is the smallest of the three packages most schools use for there homecoming or prom dances.                         

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Package 5:  This package has similar lighting to the one mentioned above but adds a little more punch with the four 18" speakers.  Two helicopters, four effects, two image projectors, two helicopter, strobes and a mirror ball make this package the homecoming and prom standard in the area.

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Package 6:  The largest sound and lighting show available except for Dance Club on Wheels.   This package is double in lighting and sound compared to what's in package 6.   Two 15", four 18", four image projectors, four effects, two police, two helicopters, strobes, and a mirror ball.  If Dance Club on Wheels is out of your scope try the next best thing.              

Having Trouble Selecting A Package
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Dance Club On Wheels is an experience like no other.  The crowd is surrounded with light and sound from all sides with twelve speakers, lasers, image projectors, hazers, 6500 watts of power, complete surround sound system, available dancing platforms, collaboration with committee, and total theme integration.  This package has twice the sound and light as package 6.  Dance Club on Wheels  is simply the ultimate dance experience.